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Eh... I know it's dead, but I am curious enough that even one or two ratings could amuse me...

Name: Shar
gender: I never like answering this on these type of things... it's always too influential.
age: 20
likes: Music, J-rock, visual Kei, Video Games, Drums, drawing, anime, manga, japan, ancient greece...
dislikes: beans, Rhiannon, people who asume far too often...
Favorite and least favorite foods: Fav- Gyros, french fries/ Least: Beans
Favorite and least favorite animals Fav: Horse / Least: Narwals
Hobbies? : Music, drums, drawing, gaming
interests? Eh... pretty much the same as my "likes" and "hobbies"
How do you like to dress? somewhere oddly in between a visual Kei type style, and casual...
What is your nationality? I kind of am the same about this as the gender thing... if you really insist I'll answer but I would prefer not too.
What sports are you into?: Martial arts. That's about it.
What languages have you studied or are proficient in? Japanese, and extremely little arabic.
Are you single or on the prowel or happily taken? Ha... single, I don't really think about that sort of thing enough.
How sexual are you? not interested in that either.
Do you like to be alone or with friends? Eh... It depends...
Leader or Follower? more so a follower...
Immature or more Mature? Mature.
What kinds of activities do you like to do for fun? Listen to music, play drums, draw, play games or watch something.
Are you more outspoken or reserved? It depends on the situation honestly.
You into drugs/partying/alcohol a lot, or stay away from that? I drink but I wouldn't exactly say I am into "partying"
Bad girl/boy or goody-goody? Ha! Bad...
More for girls Do you/others consider you more cute or pretty? pretty
More for girls Are you tomboyish or more girly? tomboyish
More for guys Do you/others consider you more rugged/manly or not? I guess not?
More for guys If you're sometimes considered a bit feminine, in what ways? I keep myself very clean and made up... and I'm prettier. (since I'm not answering my gender I might as well answer both)
What other video game genres are you into? RPG, Shooters, Hack n' Slash, platform, and action.
Your favorite capcom and/or snk guys Duo Lon, Iori Yagami, K', Kyo Kusanagi, Vega/Balrog, Yun & Yang
Your favorite snk and/or capcom girls Vice, Shermie, Leona, Shiki, Venessa, Yuri
Least favorite characters? Lillith, Hugo, Maxima
* Who do YOU see yourself most as? - I not going to answer this unless you really need it.
Who do you NOT see yourself as? The three I named as least favorite...
Shameless plug area for websites/interesting sites of your choice - any I have would have no relation...
Anything else you'd like us to know? Interesting anecdotes? Here is the space for it You give me Lillith, I spill blood. Ha!


Unfortantly I have none availible on my computer right now, sorry.
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