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Knight of the Black Rose

Trying out this rating thing

Name Tony
Gender Male
Age 30
Likes Random wacky craziness
Dislikes Tornados, People who are rude and curt, Bubblegum, Whistling
Favorite and least favorite foods Fav - Anything from the ocean - including people if they get in the way, Least - Beans, Olives
Favorite and least favorite animals Fav - Praying Mantis, Least - Parasites, Swarms
Hobbies? Movies, Videogames, Comics, Cartoons, Target Practice
Interests? Girls, Cars, Cars with girls in them, Girls on cars, Actually - forget about the cars
How do you like to dress? Classy, In Black with other colors, also dark.
What is your nationality? American, supposedly hispanic
What sports are you into? Martial arts - though not regularly, used to like soccer, games with rackets and volleyball are fun
What languages have you studied or are proficient in? English (since born), Spanish, Japanese
Are you single or on the prowl or happily taken? Single, constantly hitting on girls, constantly getting ignored
How sexual are you? Probably pretty typical for the male species
Do you like to be alone or with friends? With Friends, except when I want to be alone
Leader or Follower? Little bit of both. I try to be a leader when I can get away with it - which isn't often.
Immature or more Mature? I've always liked Mature. But my Vice is acting a bit crazy and stupid.
What kinds of activities do you like to do for fun? Tabletop RPGs, going to fairs and festivals, anything random and crazy with the friends
Are you more outspoken or reserved? You could say I'm pretty outspoken.
You into drugs/partying/alcohol a lot, or stay away from that? I've brought and mixed liquor to/at a party before, but that was pretty out of character. I made Romulan Ale and Smurf Blood (that's what they named it) for people.
Bad girl/boy or goody-goody? I guess I'm goody-goody, but I oh-so want to be bad.
More for guys Do you/others consider you more rugged/manly or not? I've been told "cute" before. I suppose that's better than hideous.
More for guys If you're sometimes considered a bit feminine, in what ways? Probably the mind. I overthink, overanalyze, and am a bit obsessive. Well, none of those are really feminine traits I guess, but I don't know where else I'd put those. My "weaknesses" I guess. Actually, my weakness is chocolate eclairs.
What other video game genres are you into? Flight simulators and driving games where you shoot stuff. Any games where you shoot stuff.
Your favorite capcom and/or snk guys Rugal!, Ralf, Yamazaki, Iori, Goenitz, Geese Howard, Terry, Heidern, Heck - I love them all, Capcom: Ken, Vega, Bison (Psycho Power)
Your favorite snk and/or capcom girls Shermie!, Vice, Mature, Bonne Jenet, Mai, Blue Mary, Hinako, King, Heck - I love them all (SNK), Capcom: Karin, Rose, Cammy
Least favorite characters? Goro, I guess.
* Who do YOU see yourself most as? Note, this is optional and really only helpful if we're really stuck in rating you I feel like Kensou, though it couldn't get much cooler than to be Goentiz, I mean, Rugal.
Who do you NOT see yourself as? Goro, Chang, Choi.
Shameless plug area for websites/interesting sites of your choice Nothing really, I give you my word as a Spaniard.
Anything else you'd like us to know? Interesting anecdotes? Here is the space for it

I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
I'm an Eagle Scout. Don't really know how or why.
People tell me they only read my LJ for the occasional random adventure of Jesus with sometimes Batman and Harry Potter. I basically try my hardest to offend everybody even though I can't stand the thought of anyone being upset by me (since I'm kind of sensitive and nice or some crap).
I write the books that help the planes not to fall out of the sky. Really.
Looking forward to going to my first Megadeth concert in two weeks.
People give me funny looks at work because the Megadeth CDs are next to my Tom Petty, "Weird" Al, and Journey CDs.
Okay, I was kidding about the "shot a man" part.


Please post at least 2 of them
I have my LJ icon.
And some pictures of me as a pirate from the renn fest, though I think you said no cosplay pictures.
Here it is if you like: and there are higher numbers in the sequence. My nerdy gaming page is there somewhere too.

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