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Name Colleen
gender female
age 16
likes Martial arts, Videogames, music, food, cosplay, manga.. (insert generic viodegame/anime fan crap here) bass guitar, swimming and tennis.
dislikes Tomatoes, mushrooms, salad dressing,Otaku , robot girls, (insert generic annoying otaku crap here) faux martial artists, Bullshido, snoring.
Favorite and least favorite foods Filet Mignon and Creme Brulee are top two. Tomatoes and lasagna are bottom two.
Favorite and least favorite animals Foxes and dogs are top. Spiders and humans are bottom.
Hobbies? Cosplay, writing, drawing, Kendo, sewing, reading, tennis, BJD, playing videogames, eating and sleeping.
interests? Same as above, but insert history and literature. Also, campy asian movies and foreign films.
How do you like to dress? I'd like to call it Boho-prep. I like natural elements mixed with designer elements. My two fav designers are burberry and Elements.
What is your nationality? Euro-asian. Quarter punjabi, quarter Jap, Quarter english, Quarter scottish.
What sports are you into?Tennis, kendo, soccer, Badminton, lacrosse, ping-pong.
What languages have you studied or are proficient in? French and english
Are you single or on the prowel or happily taken? Happily taken.
How sexual are you? I guess pretty sexual. Is there a scale?
Do you like to be alone or with friends? Both. In moderation.
Leader or Follower? Leader
Immature or more Mature? A bit of both, it depends on the situation.
What kinds of activities do you like to do for fun? This feels like a repeat of interest and hobbies, so just look at those. I'm too lazy to type them out again.
Are you more outspoken or reserved? Depending on the situation, I can be either. But I guess more outspoken, I like to voice my opinion.
You into drugs/partying/alcohol a lot, or stay away from that? I drink, I party, I've done drugs. Do I do it frequently? No. Maybe a few times a year at most.
Bad girl/boy or goody-goody? Bad.
More for girls Do you/others consider you more cute or pretty? I'm cute in a little boy sort of way. Or so I'm told.
More for girls Are you tomboyish or more girly? Tomboyish, though i wear makeup and always dress well.
More for guys Do you/others consider you more rugged/manly or not? Sporty.
More for guys If you're sometimes considered a bit feminine, in what ways? if I were a boy, I'd be one of those mixes between youthful and pretty.
What other video game genres are you into? Roleplaying.
Your favorite capcom and/or snk guys Kyo Kusanagi, Iori, Ash, Duo, Rock and K
Your favorite snk and/or capcom girls Rose.. uhh... the great majority annoy the hell out of me. Maybe Vice and Mature.
Least favorite characters? SHINGO AND MAI.
* Who do YOU see yourself most as? Note, this is optional and really only helpful if we're really stuck in rating you I'd like to say Iori, but no ones that cool. And I don't froth at the mouth...often.
Who do you NOT see yourself as? SHINGO OR MAI.
Shameless plug area for websites/interesting sites of your choice JUST GO.
Anything else you'd like us to know? Interesting anecdotes? Here is the space for it This thing took me like, twenty minutes to do because I keep getting distracted by pictures of Iori nailing Kyo against a wall.
I mean uh..

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