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This comm. looks really freakin' dead but I'm going to try this just for the hell of it.


Name Gardriel M. Russell
gender Barely female
age 17
likes white, booze, video games, anime, turtles, seafood, japan, gabriel, pink floyd, meat buns, drawing, manga. Bass guitar.
dislikes celery and family
Favorite and least favorite foods meat buns and celery
Favorite and least favorite animals Hedge hog, turtle--- I hate the platypus and bees.
Hobbies? collecting manga, video games.
interests? the same thing I like.
How do you like to dress? I could care less as long as I'm in white.
What is your nationality? Caucasian mutt bebeh~
What sports are you into? martial arts.
What languages have you studied or are proficient in? I'm working on japanese.
Are you single or on the prowel or happily taken? I could care less.
How sexual are you? O.o;;;;; WHAT!?
Do you like to be alone or with friends? it depends on my mood.
Leader or Follower? Follower.
Immature or more Mature? immature (but I can get serious if I have to)
What kinds of activities do you like to do for fun? ARCADES!! and playing bass.
Are you more outspoken or reserved? Outspoken
You into drugs/partying/alcohol a lot, or stay away from that? If I said I wasn't into that.... I would be a filthy liar HAHA~! (but it's just alchohol, no drugs or cig cigs.)
Bad girl/boy or goody-goody? ummm... I'd say pretty bad.
More for girls Do you/others consider you more cute or pretty? they never call me anything but way to manly.
More for girls Are you tomboyish or more girly? tomboyish
What other video game genres are you into? almost everything. but my other favorites are old fashion shooters (like Megaman) Hack n' slash (Dynasty warriors)
and RPG (Zelda).
Your favorite capcom and/or snk guys there are alot- Ash Crimson, Terry Bogard, Rock Howard, Jhun Hoon (KOF/Fatal fury), Jedah (Darkstalkers), Zero (megaman X), Setsuna, Kaede (last blade) Hyo Imawano (Rival Schools) and Remy, Vega and Ken masters from street fighter.
Your favorite snk and/or capcom girls there are alot- Mai, Kula, Mature, Louise, Whip, Lien, (Kof) Yuki (Last Blade) Chun Li (street fighter), Maki (final fight), Nakoruru, Mina (samurai showdown) and Tsien Ko, Felicia from dark stalkers.
Least favorite characters? I hate Benimaru I also don't like Hugo and also Iris from megaman x (but I don't think she counts)
* Who do YOU see yourself most as? sadly, Joe Higashi
Who do you NOT see yourself as? Lilith hahaha!
Shameless plug area for websites/interesting sites of your choice I don't know.
Anything else you'd like us to know? Interesting anecdotes? Here is the space for it Ive eaten dog before........................................................ (I know what your thinking "is she joking, is she freakin' joking!?")


sorry I don't have any at the moment.
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