Snk Vs Capcom Rating

get rated and talk about 2d fighting games !

Get rated and talk about 2d fighting games!
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EDIT 6/10- Ok so I made a Stamped List which I'll try to update every stamping. Please tell me if there is any errors. thanks.

Also, changed the rules a bit for mandatory rating.

Check out the new Buttons for the community. Please advertize buttons !

There over 80 icons/stamps. Check out the Master List to check out which character stamps have been made and which are in progress, etc.

Welcome to snkvscap . This is a RATING commuity. That means, you post your results of that nice survey below and people will "rate" you as to which character suits you best. There are over 80 stamps/icons done and as soon as there is a consensus reached on what character from the 2d capcom/snk world suits you best, you will get a lovely stamp like this Yuri, the VERY first one I made-

Some stamps are more extravegent than that one, but the basic idea is seen. It will have a pic of the character, followed by a few words that describes him/her. Mind you, the text will describe the CHARACTER, not necessarily you! So don't be offended if your stamp says

"You are Benimaru"


because even though those words may not describe you at all, they describe him and you were stamped as him!

Also, unlike most other rating communities

This community is open to some free talk generally pertaining snk/capcom/2d games/ general

. I will not restrict the discussion here, it is just a rating community in general. If you want to talk about your pet cocroach, that's fine, just try not to make topics about that every day okay? I'd like this to be more like a message board than JUST a rating community.

PLEASE Rate others

If you are here and know nothing about 2d gaming, that's ok, it's still fun rating you, but you still could spend a minimal amount of time rating others because I have good resources for you. It is very curteous to rate others if you post your own survey, people rate you, it is nice to rate them. I'm not longer making it mandatory to rate others, but it still is very desirable and considerate.

* Fighter Mania Is the best resource around for ANY type of gaming.
* You find the character in their Master List or By Series is the best approach
* then you should probably check out a A plot guide to learn the details of a few particular characters</a>
*Fighter Mania doesn't have a plot guide for Rival Schools, so here is a good resource for that- Justice Network . I love this site : ).
* Or use your own resources!

All that clear? Very good, now onto the survey... Try to fill out everything please. Also, please be as in-depth as possible! One-word answers will not be very helpful. try to elaborate. thanx : ).

Thank you very much for filling in the survey! Have fun and good luck getting rated as someone you like or someone interesting to you!

Regarding advertizing
I would really love for everyone to advertize, please do so by pasting the following from the text box below to EVERYWHERE , but mainly your own ljs so your friends can get to them. Please post the following in any community you see fit.

If pasted, the advertizement should look like so-

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Come join the new lj community snkvscap! Talk about 2d fighting games and
Get Rated!

Also, if that is too big and clunky, there are some buttons for advertising! . scico made em and they're pretty nifty!

Regarding posting your stamp

I'll give you the html to whore-out your icon when you get stamped. it should look something like this-
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I was rated at snkvscap! Get Rated too!


Visit all these folks too and get rated some more!


thank you SO MUCH to scico who has dedicated so much time to helping me with icons! And thanks to everyone else who has helped as well!